OmPrompt Robotic Process Automation

We work with consumer goods and healthcare suppliers who are overwhelmed by high volumes of manual & EDI customer transactions. We help front-line staff get back to serving customers.

OmPrompt helps you keep track of all supply chain communications, automate manual processes, enhance EDI and stay in control. Efficient, productive, intelligent customer automation management to reduce errors, improve cycle times and make customers happier.

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More Efficiency, Less Risk

  • Reduce the risk of errors
  • Message convergence from multiple formats
  • Seamless integration of all communications and interactions including delivery notes, invoices, claims, payments, etc
  • Align multiple format communications from multiple customers into one system
  • Eliminate inefficiencies from process diversity
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Seamless Happy Customer Experiences

  • We help our customers deliver consistently high levels of customer satisfaction to their customers. Seamless processing of customer data, payments and information transactions
  • We help deliver more goods, faster, with greater accuracy and minimal hassle
  • De-complex large customer relationships and get on top with better process management
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Customer Automation Management

  • Simplify the end-to-end data consolidation process for large businesses with repeat customers who send orders in multiple and increasingly diverse formats.
  • We ensure that the customer gets the right goods in right place at the right time, with improved accuracy.
  • We help you manage and automate.
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Supply Chain Acronym Cheat Sheet
OmPrompt Robotic Process Automation

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