Business documents, automated.

We automate the processing of orders, complaints, proof of delivery, transport orders, logistics claims, invoices, debit notes, remittance advices and many more.


Supporting Global FMCG and Healthcare Manufacturers.

If you're looking to automate manual data entry and business processes (order automation, claims automation, invoice automation and many more) then find out how OmPrompt's Smart Automation Solutions can help you digitse your supply chain today.

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Some of the Global B2B Companies using OmPrompt to
Digitise their Supply Chains:

Happy Customers, Seamless Experiences

We help our customers deliver consistently high levels of customer satisfaction to their customers by seamlessly processing customer data, payments and information transactions: transforming them from any format to any other format.

We support your logistics and fulfillment objectives, faster, with greater accuracy and minimal hassle.

With us, you can save time on data entry and business processing, reduce costly complaints, and take control of the customer relationship.

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Who We Are

  • We simplify the end-to-end data consolidation process for large businesses with repeat customers who send orders / other transactions in multiple and diverse formats.
  • We ensure that the customer gets the right goods, in right place at the right time, with improved accuracy.
  • We help you manage your document input, management, storage and analysis processes using automation, ADE, and portal-based solutions.
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