We use our expertise to support global FMCG and Healthcare manufacturers who are looking to automate manual data entry and business processes.

OmPrompt's enables global businesses to run a more efficient order-to-cash supply chain. With our network of business rules and technology we can automate any document, in any format, in any language.

Some of the clients using OmPrompt:


Improve Efficiency, Reduce Risk

  • Get your people back to serving your customers, instead of doing manual data processing
  • Reduce the risk of errors during manual data entry
  • Transfer messages from multiple formats, customers, or systems into one place - seamlessly
  • Integrate all communications and interactions (including delivery notes, invoices, claims, payments, GRNs, PODs, etc.)
  • Eliminate the inefficiencies caused by your own, or your customers' diverse processes and reduce cycle times.
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Happy Customers, Seamless Experiences

  • We help our customers deliver consistently high levels of customer satisfaction to their customers by seamlessly processing customer data, payments and information transactions: transforming them from any format to any other format.
  • We help you deliver more goods, faster, with greater accuracy and minimal hassle
  • With us, you can save time, reduce costs, and take control of the customer relationship.
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Customer Automation Management

  • We simplify the end-to-end data consolidation process for large businesses with repeat customers who send orders / other transactions in multiple and diverse formats.
  • We ensure that the customer gets the right goods, in right place at the right time, with improved accuracy.
  • We help you manage your document input, management, storage and analysis processes using automation, ADE, and portal-based solutions.
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