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Powering Sentient

Supply Chains

Three simple steps to a digitised supply chain...


Data capture automation

Automatically capture and digitise any unstructured and structured data from any source in any format, including web portals, spreadsheets, SMS, IM, EDI, PDF, Email and Fax eliminating manual data entry.


Business process automation

Automatically apply intelligent business rules to automate the end-to-end business process. Take control and get accurate business documents into any ERP. Collaborate easily with trading partners and share complete and accurate business information in the correct format.


Business process monitoring

Automatically monitor the end-to-end business process across your operational supply chain. Go beyond your ERP and use information from outside the enterprise to gain true end-to-end multi-party multi-enterprise process visibility. Identify operational events and manage their resolution.

Reduce costs, grow your

business and get ahead

of the competition with

rapid automation.

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Where to focus...

Sales & Customer service

Sales & customer service

Reduce your cost-to-serve, take order entry off the shoulders of your team, and improve your customer satisfaction levels with OmPrompt’s Sales Automation Processing Solutions.

Supply chain & logistics

Supply chain & logistics

Manage supply and demand, optimise delivery schedules, and bring more transparency to your third party logistics providers with OmPrompt’s Logistics Automation Processing Solutions.

Finance & administration

Finance & administration

Get immediate Proof of Delivery, automate your invoicing, and prevent invalid claims going through your system with OmPrompt’s Automation Solutions for Finance.

OmPrompt enables my team to reduce their handling of manual transactions and focus on what is important to my business.

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Why OmPrompt...

A managed service

A managed service

All you need to do is plug into our automation platform, and we can immediately begin to bring process efficiency and accuracy to your operational supply chain.

Flexible automation solutions

Flexible automation solutions

You choose where you need to focus your digitisation efforts, and we’ll provide the technology. And, as you grow and evolve your digitisation strategy, we’ll provide the solutions to support you.

Guaranteed automation levels

Guaranteed automation levels

We’re system and process agnostic – it doesn’t matter how you operate today, we’ll work with you to achieve the level of automation that solves your most urgent supply chain issues.

Digitise, unify

and control your


supply chain.

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