Exception Management

No matter how well your organisation copes when mistakes happen or anomalies occur, unforeseen circumstances will always be beyond your control. Sometimes the problem stems from your customer – they change their processes and don’t always tell you.

Our exception management goes beyond missing data. It adds value by recognising problems that may not always be apparent to humans on first glance – and then we can either resolve them using [business rules] built into your solution, or send them back to you with a warning.


What is Exception Management?

Exception management is the process in which your documents are dealt with, should an error or discrepancy occur. If there is an exception during the automation process we will put rules in place to do all the necessary prep work for you, before it hits your desk.

It’s not just about managing exceptions (i.e. errors such a missing or incorrect data) it’s about applying logic to unforeseen problems – such as logistic schedules – so that they don’t become problems in future.

We Can Reduce Your Exception Management Workload:


How many discrepancies and errorsare you dealing with?

Does this sound familiar? Your team manually checking all of your documents to find errors and discrepancies. (Perhaps they’re even checking your EDI data flows?)


With OmPrompt, you only need to deal with important exceptions.

Your solution will automatically process your documents – and ONLY alert you if they require action. We’ll highlight what the issue is, reducing time and effort for your team.

How Exception Management Can Add Value to your Business:

Here are just some of the problems that can be foreseen with OmPrompt’s exception management offering.

  • A product requires a specific type of truck
  • A truck can only to go a warehouse of a certain size
  • A warehouse has the capacity to take those trucks only on a certain day
  • Your customer wants their product on a Tuesday

Would your order entry staff be able to identify that this information could cause a problem? Would they know how to fix it before the customer becomes dissatisfied?

Some experienced staff may be able to – but what happens if they leave the company, are off sick, or are on vacation? The knowledge in their heads is lost – and things can go wrong. Unless you’ve got business rules in place that help you manage exceptions before they become a problem.

OmPrompt’s operations team work with you and your customers (trading partners) to resolve exceptions 24/7. This means we can deliver a superior service on the exceptional occasion when automated documents hit a bump in the road.

How Do We Do it?

We look at exception management from the bottom up, rather than the top down. Our philosophy is that it’s all about getting people to do the tasks they should be doing at the right time. People shouldn’t be doing manual tasks all the time. Let machines do the basic work, so people can perform higher-value tasks at the time it’s required..


People dealing with emailed documents have an inbox full of emails (invoices, PODs, remittance, queries, where’s my stuff, new orders, junk etc.) We help people focus on prioritisation, categorisation, and timeliness (possibly), rather than on wading through mounds of unhelpful data. That way, they can deal with the important stuff, as and when it’s required.

Knowledge Reengineering (Changing your Reference Data):

The customer management solution provided as a service that identifies, escalates, resolves, learns and then uses that intelligence to perpetually drive down numbers of exceptions offers accelerated exception management.

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