When Dealing with Diversity There is More to Serving Customers than EDI

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EDI Solutions & EDI Systems 

Customers want to interact with their suppliers in different ways. But with increasing numbers of customers comes increasing diversity, complexity, and frustration.

Automating how multi-format customer transactions are managed benefits the whole supply chain and is only possible with intelligent systems in place. 

But it's not enough just to integrate EDI Systems (Electronic Data Interchange) within your supply chain data processes.  

This report - by IT analyst house Quocirca - looks at how Customer Automation Management and process automation helps to deal with customer diversity in the supply chain, and goes beyond using EDI solutions to show how integrating information into EDI can help you serve your customers better.

How this report will help you:

  • Learn how despite numerous attempts, it has been impossible to standardise the global supply chain with EDI.
  • Understand how customers can't be expected to change the way they transact, instead, they need adaptable systems
  • Discover how putting EDI systems in place to automate repetitive data activities will improve efficiency and customer service
  • Gain benefits that go far beyond reducing costs (like reduced risk and increased value) for your business.

About Omprompt

At OmPrompt, we work with FMCG and Healthcare suppliers who are overwhelmed by high volumes of customer transactions. Our solution, Customer Automation Management, has helped companies reduce manual effort by £720k p/a, save over €500k, and reduce goodwill write-offs by £5m by introducing automation. We can help you too.

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