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Beverage Industry


Serving the Beverage Industry

The beverage industry is dominated by global brands with hugely complex supply chains and multi-step logistics networks, using many third party transport providers. Managing this and the unique demands of the drinks industry – such as duty status and the logistics of shipping high value, often fragile – is a challenge. Also, the time of year, third party health campaigns, and even the weather can cause sudden and unpredictable fluctuations in demand – all which put pressure on beverage manufacturers trying to drive efficiency and customer service improvements within their supply chains.

As with many other facets of business today, global drinks organisations are looking to technology for help. And in the operational supply chain that means the automation of basic every-day tasks that currently take large amounts of resource to complete. Through digitisation and automation to their back-office processes, alcohol organisations are able to scale quickly to consumer demand, and use the resources they have to find growth opportunities and deliver superior customer service.


How OmPrompt Supports Drinks Suppliers

We work with companies like Accolade, Danone Waters, Asahi, Concha, William Grant & Sons and Bacardi to automate their supply-chain related back office processes. Our sales automation solutions are helping them automate the creation and processing of: sales orders, order confirmations, advanced shipping notices, proof of deliveries and debit notes.

With our help, they are automating up to 80% of their trading network, reducing order errors by up to a third and seeing a fall in low value customer queries. Their customer service is improving and they are able to deepen their collaboration with their logistics partners. The result is greater scalability and flexibility in their supply chain operations  giving them the competitive edge they need. 

Fundamentally, they are using OmPrompts EDIConnect, ZeroTouch, Teach&Learn, SelfServe and Windscreen sales automation products to digitise, automate and monitor their global supply chains.  

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