Bridging The Gaps

From order processing to claims resolution, customer-facing staff are focused on administration rather than commercial advantage.

Every time an ERP, TMS or WMS system cannot automate a process a person steps in, forming a human bridge across a technology gap.  These people work in customer service, transport offices, accounts and logistics.

They deal in the diversity that sometimes causes systems to falter, processing orders and goods received notes, chasing proof of delivery documents or checking the validity of claims.  The work is manual and repetitive and turns each one of these people into a walking silo of knowledge about customers: how they order, what they order, and when and what to do about a customer who communicates one thing but means another. 

The manual tasks they perform might prevent a crisis but they don’t add value.  Customer facing staff workaround gaps in technology as an apology for systems unable to handle or interpret the diversity in customer management, and they’re too valuable to make the workaround option viable.  If a company cannot achieve transactional excellence, they are unlikely to have the resource free to deliver superior customer service.

OmPrompt Customer Automation Management is an intelligent cloud that captures, centralises, automates and shares all this critical intelligence as a company-wide resource - freeing staff to add the value that allows their companies to compete.