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Business Partners

Business transformation is a complex process?
Let our partners help.

Supply chain automation maybe something you are considering, but what if you need more than automation? For you, automation may only be part of the way forward. We offer a wider business solution through our network of partners. If you're looking to transform entire departments of your business, through the support of a network of global technology leaders, then working with OmPrompt is still the way forward.

Our Offering

Change Management

Companies want to drive end to end process improvement, introduce technology innovation and execute organisational transformation globally.

These initiatives have great potential but will involve significant changes to processes, organisational structures and systems landscapes. Human beings are sensitive to change and work best when a consensus for change is built, expectations are clearly set and plans combine rigor with flexibility. Change management is a specialist capability that many clients need, on a global basis, for these initiatives to realise their potential.

Programme Management

Organisational initiatives take time and effort, at a time where companies are striving to do more with less, they often take a backseat to the need to attend to business as usual.

A mature and sophisticated programme management capability is required to prioritise and execute projects to budget, schedule and outcome. E.g.

When critical programs like M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) come up, many of our clients struggle to staff and might even defer automation related programmes when in fact, automation could improve benefits realisation of M&A.

Technology Innovation

We strive to be at the forefront of technology innovation so deeper, broader capabilities for Order-Fulfil-Cash such as handwriting and unstructured language processing, proposal management, orchestration are key partnership drivers.

We have the flexibility to incorporate partner technologies and build mutually beneficial OEM relationships through a compelling VAR offer.

Our Combined Capabilities

End-to-End Process Improvement

Transaction automation provides visibility to measure process performance, our partners can then deploy process optimisation techniques like Lean Digital as well as domain-specific business processes (e.g. Order validation for CPG) working together with clients to improve throughput and cost efficiency year on year. That capability extends across Procure to Pay, Record to Report and Order to Cash domains.

Technology Innovation

Our partners have built digital suites that complement our capabilities in transactional automation. These enable companies to efficiently manage customer interaction, provide BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) solutions that deploy best in class business processes, integrate seamlessly to enterprise platforms such as Salesforce and SAP and offer analytics so that companies can generate insight for decision making.

Organisational Transformation

Point solutions like automation often need to be combined with a re-shaping of the organisation to adapt to the Future of Work. Our partners can become a virtual part of your organisation and help you design and execute a front-office + mid-office + back-office model taking advantage of their global delivery footprint, using a combination of OmPrompt technology, partner digital suites and client-owned technology.