The Culture Team

How do we keep the OmPrompt culture alive? Below we explain what the OmPrompt Culture Team does, and why...

What does the Culture Team do?

We meet regularly to raise funds for charity, promote our company values and focus on making the office environment even better. We concentrate 50% of our time on the company values, 25% on charity fundraising and 25% on the office environment. Ultimately we're about ensuring we act/behave/make decisions in a consistent way that has a positive effect on our customers and of course ourselves. 

Events: the Culture Team is about fun too!

These are just a few examples of some of the great events that the culture team has organised: Murder Mystery evening, Paintball, a trip to Thorpe Parks' Fright Night, OmPrompt Football Team and weekly practice, Poker Nights, Fancy Dress events... and more. We're always open to suggestions for new, fun things to do together.

Making work even better

I'd like to think we make working at OmPrompt a better/more enjoyable place to be. We believe that by doing that it will have a positive effect on productivity and of course this will help the company frow and  the customer experience continually be improved upon. 

Our culture: a summary

I'd say that the OmPrompt culture, inside and outside of the office is a mixture of hard work, determination, passion, fun and risk-taking. We're offering mission critical solutions for some of the world's largest companies and we do it with pride, teamwork and by focusing relentlessly on the customer.