Working at OmPrompt

We love it so much, we'd do it for nothing- just kidding!

We're growing fast but we manage to retain our small company atmosphere where new starters are quick to feel at ease.

We work alongside each other (no closed doors), in open plan offices, making it easy to communicate and interact with other departments. 

The Culture Team

OmPrompt has a Culture Team, which is a group of employees from different departments within OmPrompt, who meet once a week to work on creating the unique working environment present both inside and outside the OmPrompt offices. 

Please follow the Culture Team link, at the side of the page, where Julian Buck, a member of the Culture Team, explains more about what the Culture Team aims to do to enhance the working environment for OmPrompt employees.

Why we value working at OmPrompt

At OmPrompt all our employees are passionate about adhering to our core values, which govern how we conduct ourselves when working with each other and our clients. Accompanying our strong and professional work ethic, through the support of our Culture Team, we are able to create and maintain relationships with our colleagues that allows for great friendships outside the office.

The union of our office environment guided by our values and our out of office activities creates a working environment that we believe is unique and greatly valued by all OmPrompt employees. 

Below are our finalists for the 'Movember' competition in the office.