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Claims from customers such as retailers, wholesalers and distributors, is an all too common fact of life in the operational supply chain. Shortages, damages and price discrepancies are just a few reasons why an invoice won’t be paid in full or on time. Companies want to be paid on time and for the amount they invoiced for, but still must focus resources on managing the daily stream of claims from customers.

The volume of claims, the different formats and the time it takes investigating and processing them is all time, effort and money which could be deployed elsewhere. Suboptimal days sales outstanding (DSO) performance, unnecessary write-offs and little to no root cause analysis are often the results of a reactionary and manual claims process.

With OmPrompt’s Claims Automation solution, order settlement teams can digitise, standardise and govern their processes so they can respond to fulfilment claims much faster while improving profitability.

"One member of the Logistics Support Team could spend a whole day going through just one major retailer’s delivery discrepancies…reducing the time available to investigate and defend claims”

Customer Services Manager

Health food company supplying major retailers reduces claims by 56%


“We were really able to start questioning why we were getting so many claims, and focus on resolving those issues”


Commercial Operations Coordinator




“Every day the team now receives a clean list of delivery claims that are ready to be processed, giving them more time to analyse and thoroughly investigate claims”


Manager of Logistics Support



Regardless of format, the processing of fulfilment claims for shortages, damages, defective products as well as retailer fines, price discrepancies and promotional allowances is fully automated.

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