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Claims & Deductions Processing

OmPrompt’s Customer Delivery Claims Management Solution enables you to automate your delivery claims process, reducing the time taken to process claims documentation.


As a key supplier, you must comply with your customers’ claims processes. Failure to do so results in payment delays and write-offs, which negatively impact your cashflow and Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) performance.

Yet, processing individual claims is a huge undertaking due to the sheer volume of them coming in to your department. The pressure on financial teams to process delivery claims quickly means it’s difficult to distinguish between valid and invalid claims, resulting in an unacceptable level of avoidable write-offs.

How OmPrompt supports delivery claim processing

Our Delivery Claims Management Solution vastly reduces the manual effort involved in claims processing. Instead of manually checking customer claims documentation and then keying the information into your ERP system, our solution automatically captures and enters all the relevant information.

All your logistics and trading partner information can be captured in this way, irrespective of claim document format or system. By holding all this information in one place, claims discrepancies and missing information can be flagged up for your attention.

With the reduction in time spent on manual data entry, and the automatic reconciliation of your claims documentation with that of your customers’, you can process your delivery claims in a fraction of the time, and your team is free to work on resolving the issues around invalid claims, further improving your financial position. Negotiations around resolution are made simpler as all the facts related to an order are readily available to your team.


Reducing the number of delivery claims

When combined with OmPrompt’s Delivery Visibility solutions, you can monitor and resolve delivery discrepancies much earlier in the delivery process, before they impact your customer. You’ll be able to address root-cause issues, reducing the volume of customer claims and returns. This will have a positive impact on your DSO, and increase customer satisfaction.

Let automation do the heavy lifting of claims processing

To find out more about how OmPrompt can help you speed up delivery claims processing and improve your DSO, get in touch: