Smart Automation Consultancy

Our OmPrompt consultants, based at our UK headquarters, work closely with you and your business to deliver a fully optimised automation solution from OmPrompt.

Our bespoke extraction techniques, validation specifications  and business rules ensure your automated documents are processed quickly, without error and input into your system exactly as you require it.

Once you give us the green light, you could have your first trading partner on-boarded with us and live in as little as 5 days!

At OmPrompt our Automation Consultants Work On Your Solution From Beginning to Sign-Off

Step 1: We Examine Your Processes 

The first step is for us to understand and break down how your business process works. Whether you want to start automating documents in your customer service, logistics or finance department, this process is the same. 

We will also take the time to understand:

  • Where business rules can be applied to minimise manual effort.
  • The best way to extract the data and how you want it input into your system.
  • Any trading partner complexities associated with their business documents.

Step 2: We Build You a Business Case

After we've started to understand your process and collected some document samples, we provide a no obligation business case analysis where we will analyse your documents and identify the most beneficial level of automation we can achieve for you.

We work with you to prove the business value automation can bring, to other people in your business. We can help you explain and prove how our solution can; transform your department, be implemented through the whole of your order-to-cash supply chain to improve visibility, and optimise all of your business document processes.

Step 3: We Get IT Ready for Implementation

We understand the concern that IT departments face when it comes to implementing something like OmPrompt. While we usually work with supply chain-facing departments (customer service, logistics, finance etc.), we cannot work without the help of IT.

Our consultants will work with IT throughout the implementation process so that they know exactly what is required to get OmPrompt connected and we can answer any questions regarding security or risk they might have. 

Why Work With OmPrompt?

With over a decade of experience in the order-to-cash automation industry, we know business critical documents need to be handled with care, in a timely manner.

We work with you to:

  • Ensure the business case highlights the level of value implementing OmPrompt will have for your business
  • Build the right Smart Automation Solutions for you and your business
  • Continuously improve the solution to fit with your business needs
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