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OmPrompt and

the cosmetics


Bringing flawless efficiency to the cosmetics industry


Brand loyalty is everything within the cosmetics industry. If a customer is lost due to a stock-out at a key retailer, it’s very difficult to win them back once they’ve switched allegiance to a competitor. And, with expensive advertising campaigns pushing high profile promotions, it’s essential that the right product, at the right price, arrives at the outlet at exactly the right time.

Global cosmetics brands are turning to technology to help them rise to the challenge. Logistics departments are using automation and visibility solutions to ensure stock is replenished at the right rate. Traceability and cross-checking of orders help to eliminate pricing errors, whilst delivery tracking technology helps suppliers to reduce their DSO.

How OmPrompt supports cosmetics suppliers

We work with global FMCG suppliers to help them overcome their supply chain challenges with automation technology. Our sales automation and delivery visibility solutions are helping them automate their back office processes, including: sales order processing, delivery status process and claims dispute processing.

With OmPrompt’s automation platform supporting them, they are able to process customer orders quickly, with few errors, ensuring their products get into retail stores worldwide exactly when they should.

By streamlining complex delivery networks, cosmetic suppliers are able to reduce shipping costs while achieving better on time in full (OTIF) delivery. Plus, our end-to-end visibility solution helps them see trends in their customers’ ordering behaviour, allowing for better forecasting and production efficiency.



The output from OmPrompt was highly accurate and error free, identifying manual data entry errors we didn’t even know we had. As a result, we have vastly improved the accuracy of outbound order fulfilment process, increased customer satisfaction and consequently reduced the cost of reverse logistics.

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