Customer Automation Management

OmPrompt pioneered the concept of Customer Automation Management and created our solution to simplify the end-to-end data capture process in the supply chain. We work mainly in the Order-to-Cash side of the supply chain (though we can handle Procure-to-Pay as well). 

Supply-Chain-Positioning-Triangle.pngData capture 

It’s our way of helping big B2B manufacturers with lots of repeat customers who repeatedly send transactions (such as quotes, orders, PODs, GRNs etc.) in multiple, diverse formats across the supply chain. We ensure that the many goods they supply get to the right place, at the right time, with as few errors as possible.

Think of us as the secret ingredient in an optimised order-to-cash process. We ensure that the data that is normally dealt with by lots and lots of customer service representatives can be handled automatically instead.

Why our Customer Automation Management solutions exist:

Many businesses have already invested in solutions and systems that should do what we do – transform documents into meaning and back again. It’s why Electronic Data Interchange (EDI Solutions) were invented. It’s why Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems exist. It’s why IT departments can spend months investing time and effort, not to mention money, in working on in-house solutions. Unfortunately, those systems don’t work perfectly. There are gaps.

Too many formats cause complexity

Because most of our customers (FMCG, CPG, technology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies) have many, many customers of their own they suffer from a problem of diversity. Their diverse customer base means that they receive documents in a variety of formats. This causes complexity . It’s natural, after all, for customers to use the processes that make the most sense for their business (after all, they’re the ones who pay the bills!).

Throwing people at the problem of diversity is not a sustainable solution.

In our automated world, it’s no longer an effective solution to throw people at problems that should be resolved by automation tools. That’s why OmPrompt's Customer Automation Management system exists.

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