Master Data Validation

Customer master data validation is key to improving business processes and increasing accuracy.

We validate documents against customer master data as a key part of the OmPrompt process. But we don’t just check all the documents that go through our system: we also rectify any issues and errors.

As a result, the validation process improves accuracy, reduces the risk of manual errors progressing further through the supply chain, and can improve process efficiency.


What is Master Data?

Your master data is your golden record, the important cog in the automation process. What happens if a customer’s order, remittance advice, or proof of delivery (POD) document contains information that does not match the system’s customer master data? More often than not, the information is likely to be entered manually. This leads to mistakes – for example, the wrong product is dispatched, or the right product is delivered to the wrong address.

OmPrompt can capture and use your master data, no matter where it is held. Not all master data lives in ERP, it is often its held outside of your ERP system. 

The Cost of Fixing Master Data-related Errors:

  • Rectifying mistakes like these is expensive and quickly adds to operational expenditure.
  • Incorrect data references can also have a negative impact on days sales outstanding (DSO) as invoices are likely to remain unpaid because they aren’t reconciled.

Types of Master Data:


This helps us to recognise rules such as:

Sold-To, Ship-To, Bill-To, Customer Material Codes ,Supplier Material Codes, Delivery Schedule data, 
And much more.

How to Send Your Master Data*

We require access to your master data on a regular basis, this enables us to ensure that your business rules are referenced against your businesses most up-to-date information. The typical formats of master data are; xls, xml or csv.

Two ways we can receive your master data are:

1) A regular download from your ERP and send to us via secure connection
2) BAPI (Business Application Programming).

Or, we can work with your existing infrastructure to establish secure communications such as SFTP.

* We understand that as soon as you send it to us, it is no longer master data, it becomes reference our data.

What is IT’s involvement?

The IT department is essential to implementing new software and or automation services. We understand the importance of working with the IT department to ensure there is little as disruption to your systems as possible. 

Find out exactly what we need from IT here.

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