Customer Stories

Automate with Impact

  • 95% automation delivered for key processes
  • Millions in savings and penalty avoidance
  • 80% reduction in entry and claim processing
  • 20% to 40% reductions in resource requirements
  • Lower DSO and higher cash flow
  • Happier, more loyal customers…and higher profits
“OmPrompt makes for happy customers which is good for renewals.”

Customer Logistics Director



“The financials were clear – I was going to be able to save $1M right off the bat.”

Logistics Process Manager
“Customer service can recount to buyers what’s going on in their orders. No other system does this.”

Logistics Process Manager
“We’ve achieved significant cost savings and seen a huge reduction in the mundane tasks performed by back-office and customer service staff.”

European Supply Chain Director
“What’s exciting is how we’ve unlocked resources. We have grown by over a third in the last three years to 2015, despite our reduced team size. We couldn’t have done this without OmPrompt.”

Head of Customer Supply Chain
“The solution is very innovative, and the information extracted from the documents is very reliable.”

Finance & Supply Chain Director
“OmPrompt helps us with complexity: by process, by customer, by industry - it’s overwhelming.”

Head of Supply Chain
“I can tell my boss that without them we would need 7 people at 50k per person.”

Customer Logistics Director
“Everyone talks about passion – but they really are passionate.”

European Supply Chain Director
“If you ring up customer service and say, ‘Where’s my delivery?’, they can’t say. With OmPrompt you can say.”

Customer Logistics Director

Case Studies

Companies using our Sentient Supply Chain Platform have achieved real benefits without major adjustments to people, process and technology.

Sample Outcomes Delivered

  • 100% order accuracy
  • 93% automation achieved
  • 80% reduction in claims processing
  • 80% fewer manual orders
  • 32% lower cost
  • 20% less labor required
  • 10,000 hours saved

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Order Accuracy

Global Dairy Producer Company


Reduction In Claims

Global FMCG Manufacturer Company


Automation Across EMEA

Global Household Goods Company


Reduction In Staff

Global Spirits Company


Discrepancies Automatically Validated

Global Food Company


Automation Rates

Global Beverage Company


Reduction In FTEs

Global Food Company