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OmPrompt and

the dairy industry

Enabling rapid response for the dairy industry

There’s no room for error in the supply of dairy products. Margins are tight, delivery windows are small, and seven day ordering is the norm. Yet, despite the challenges in this market, competition is fierce. As a result, producers are under extreme pressure to differentiate their brands through superior customer service. And due to the short shelf life of these products, errors in delivery planning or fulfilment can wipe out all profit.

Leading global dairy suppliers are leveraging technology to combat these industry challenges. Traceability, fast order turnaround and visibility of all aspects of the operational supply chain are giving dairy producers the competitive edge by helping them support their customers more effectively, and deal with an ever more complex supply network.


How OmPrompt supports dairy suppliers

We work with companies like Arla, Alpro and Dannon to automate their supply-chain related back office processes. Our sales automation and visibility solutions are helping them automate their sales order processing, delivery status processing and transport order processing.

With our help, they are able to automate their sales order entry processes, with improved accuracy, helping them achieve seven day ordering. Our end to end visibility solution is helping them resolve delivery issues before they impact their customer, whilst cutting costs within their delivery process, even when delivering direct to store. Dairy suppliers now have the responsiveness and superior levels of customer service they need to compete and grow within the dairy market.

My team are now involved in tasks such as ensuring that goods arrive on time and in good condition, proactively calling customers to advise when a delivery is going to be late, tracking vehicle availability, and promoting Arla’s products

Arla Foods