How We Extract Your Data

Data extraction can be a complex task. But, with the right technology and support you could soon be seeing the benefits.

Information is the life blood of any business, from the balance sheet, right down to a single customer requirement it is core to understand what is happening in the business at any one time. The more access we have to this data, the more we are able understand how the business is performing and most importantly how happy our customers are leading to successful informed changes.

Extraction is just the first step on your data journey. Many businesses will head straight towards the structured data they already have access to and simply forget about the treasure trove of information locked away in their dark data files.

What could you be missing?

Dark data, simply put, is unstructured data that isn’t being accessed or used. OmPrompt specialises in using unique extraction techniques to enable businesses to access 100% of their business information.

IBM say, “Unstructured data – “dark data” – accounts for 80% of all data generated today.”

If you’re only working with 20% of your business data, imagine the insight your business could gain by having that access and have the right tools to allow you to make sense of what the data is telling you.

OmPrompt can do just that. Book a consultation to find out how you could be accessing 100% of your business data today.

Structured Data vs Dark Data

Structured Formats
Most computer-generated business documents are created with a fixed layout. These structured, documents are often sent by customers who share high volumes of documents, with you. We use focused mapping techniques to extract this data with a high level of extraction accuracy. This data is easy to access and simple to extract.

Dark Data
Unstructured or "Dark Data" is critical for gaining a true understanding of your business. Trapped in images, PDFs or emails this data is usually hard to obtain, difficult to manage and full of invaluable insight. 
If you have a larger number of customers who order less frequently, they tend to use a variety of inconsistent documents and send them on an ad-hoc basis. Additionally, there can be non-formatted information on a document: handwriting, stamps, stickers, barcodes or, often a lack of information. This makes it more difficult for systems to analyse documents, and more time-consuming for people.

EDI Might not Solve your Problem:

Even if you and your customer both invest in EDI, chances are, documents may still require manual re-work. This is because your EDI system doesn't use business rules or any other form of validation toensure meaningful data is pulled correctly. If data is incorrect, the document will fail.

Sometimes, EDI isn't always commercially viable or technically possible for you or your trading partners.

Hybrid Extraction Techniques

Not all PDFs are created equal. Often, if you copy and paste text from a PDF, you’ll see the challenges that computer extraction techniques face too. While the structure may look right when it’s rendered visually, as soon as you try to extract the data, it can change significantly.

Similarly, we don’t want to take the risk that OCR may misread the content. So we use a hybrid approach: combining and comparing OCR and data extraction to get the best results.


How Should Data be Extracted?

Use the right technology to give you the best results. With OmPrompt you have access to our full suite of extraction techniques able to work with Dark Data (unstructured formats) as well as structured data. We’ll use our expertise and experience to work with you so you can find the right balance of speed, accuracy and reliability, based on your data requirements, and the level of human intervention that you prefer.

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