People are really good at managing highly complex situations, especially those that involve interactions with other people. OmPrompt believes that this is exactly where people should be.

Predictable, repetitive actions, however, are best left to machines.

Movement of stock, the location and expected time of movement, the booking and bay management as goods go in and out is automatable, or at least many of the transactional messages with these processes are automatable. By separating the repetitive tasks and automating them, OmPrompt ensures the highest degree of transactional excellence is achieved, a lean approach to free and focus staff on superior service.

Trip events, discrepancies and proof of delivery - particularly through third party and sub-contractor networks - are hard to nail down. OmPrompt accepts the fragmented nature of delivery networks but still delivers integration at speed.  OmPrompt addresses delivery connectivity issues by capturing, collating and automating multiple inputs from multiple sources, anywhere; from a phone-registered discrepancy to a complex message infrastructure generated by sophisticated systems.

OmPrompt enables the world's greatest brands to eliminate workarounds, freeing IT and integration, planning and logistics teams to focus on problems that people are really good at solving.