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Delivery Status Processing

Our Delivery Visibility Solution gives you a real-time view of the status of your deliveries, from door to door – even when several logistics partners are involved.


The use of specialist 3PL/4PL logistics partners can bring tangible business benefits in terms of specialist expertise and geographical coverage. However, determining the status of your delivery at any one time can be difficult when multiple providers and journey steps are involved. Receiving all the documentation you need to begin invoice processing, or resolving delivery issues can be delayed which has a detrimental effect on OTIF and DSO.

Furthermore, responding to simple queries, such as: ‘where is my shipment?’ becomes a time-consuming exercise, using up valuable resource and giving a poor impression of your organisation to your customers and logistics partners.

How we help you manage your deliveries

OmPrompt’s Delivery Visibility Solution connects all your internal supplier and external delivery teams, regardless of how they communicate now, and ensures there are no gaps in the delivery chain. It brings all the information together into one place so you have real-time view of where your delivery is now, what’s going to happen to it next, and how long it’s like to take getting to the next phase in its journey.

As the status of the delivery is being tracked and automatically fed back to your system, we can then automatically create and send key automation documentation such as PODs and GRNs, again saving you time.


An accurate starting point for delivery process improvement

This complete picture in real time means you can pre-empt delivery issues and either resolve them before they impact your customer, or advise your logistics partners that a workaround may be needed.

Over time, you’ll be able to build up a picture of common delivery issues and how they affect your invoicing and DSO, enabling you to focus on delivery improvement projects that have the most impact on your cashflow.

Get delivery visibility and control in your supply chain

OmPrompts Delivery visibility solutions connects your internal teams and external logistics partners, giving you a real-time view of your delivery status. To find out more, get in touch: