How to Get the Perfect Order

Perfect Order to Cash Automation

Everyone wants the perfect order. Few companies are able to make it happen, though – and even fewer can do it consistently. 

However, with the ever-increasing demand for shorter delivery times and the need to understand customer preferences more quickly and provide better customer service – the pressure is on to deliver a perfect order: on time, every time.

But it’s hard – not least because manufacturers often have to plug the gaps between different processes – where systems don’t integrate nicely, or information can’t flow through from one place to another seamlessly – by employing people to solve problems. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always solve the problem. 

There is still:

  • a problem with re-keying errors
  • a lack of visibility
  • lost or delayed paperwork

These factors negatively impact on:

  • customer service,
  • performance measurement, and
  • cash flow.

What’s the alternative?

Instead of plugging the gaps themselves, these companies are adding real value to the customer experience by passing the day-to-day responsibility of order-to-cash automation and order-to-cash management to the Customer Automation Management experts at OmPrompt. We provide a discreet, efficient managed service that takes the processing of supply chain transactions to a whole new level.

Customer Automation Management Benefits:
  • Automates manual processing.
  • Releases customer-facing staff from back-office tasks to concentrate on service delivery.
  • Provides visibility across order to cash automation & order to cash management.
  • Tracks on-time-in-full (OTIF) performance.

How to Create the Perfect Order

Here at OmPrompt we use order-to-cash automation and order-to-cash management to eliminate lost or misplaced orders, reduce data entry errors and, of course, save time. We take the hassle out of inbound and outbound supply chain transactions by automating the process.

Customer Automation Management by OmPrompt helps your order-to-cash management process become more efficient and effective: improving your customer service and business processes – and making it easier to create the perfect order.

We can translate supply chain data from any format to any other format and transform it, enhance it, and use it in ways that deliver transactional excellence for you, and superior customer service for your trading partners.

OmPrompt Customer Automation Management helps you create the perfect order by:

  • automating manual processing
  • releasing your customer-facing staff from back-office tasks – so they can concentrate on service delivery instead
  • providing visibility across the entire order-to-cash process
  • tracking on-time-in-full (OTIF) performance.