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OmPrompt Customer Automation Management Presentation Slides

Omprompt Customer Automation & Order-to-Cash Automation Management | Omprompt

All the best bits - in one easy-to-skim package

Have a read through the event presentation slides and you'll almost feel like you're right there, at the event! Find out how customer experience provides a source of unique competitive advantage, how to reduce your cost to serve while improving service, and what it really means to put customer service improvement strategies in practice. Then we'll show you how OmPrompt is building a roadmap towards customer & process excellence and how we can help you build your own strategic advantage.

Research Order-to-Cash Infographic
(O2C) Order-to-Cash - infographic | Omprompt

What do delays in order-to-cash mean for your business?

Across the supply chain are two ends: procure-to-pay and order-to-cash. The supply chain has evolved so that the procure-to-pay side is pretty well evolved. But what about the order-to-cash side? What happens once a customer places as order with you? How mature is the order-to-cash process, generally, what does the future look like - and what is the impact of errors on the O2C process? This infographic answers these questions, and more...

Event Photography

Omprompt Order-to-Cash Automation & Customer Automation Management event photography collage | Omprompt

A photographic reminder of the day's presentations

Get a sense of how the event went during the presentations by downloading this collage of photos covering the day's presentations. You'll see some great concentration, intense presenters and a high-class venue. You might also spot yourself in the pictures...


A photographic reminder of the eveningOmprompt Customer Automation Management & Order-to-Cash Management Event Photography | Omprompt

Making the most of our fabulous venue (Harvey Nichols), we headed onto the roof terrace to network with others, enjoy some good food and wine, and have a good laugh. Take a look at the highlights of the evening with this collage of photos covering the evening networking, drinks and food reception.

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