Is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Really the Answer?

What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and why do businesses use it?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a data communication method that standardises communication between businesses. The business dictionary defines it like this:

"Electronic Data Interchange facilitates computer-to-computer exchange of electronic documents (such as purchase orders, advance shipment notices, and invoices) without human intervention or human readable (paper or electronic) documents.

EDI solutions eliminate manual re-keying of data, cuts order processing costs, increases data accuracy, improves cycle time, and makes just-in-time deliveries possible."

According to research from GS1 UK, the grocery sector saves £650 Million every year by using EDI. 

Do any of these EDI challenges sound familiar to you?

  • If it takes time for you to be able to communicate between business or systems;
  • If you have a high cost-to-serve and spiralling labour costs;
  • If you struggle to communicate accurately and efficiently  with your customers when it comes to order processing;
  • If you already have orders coming in via EDI systems but they all stop and are checked manually,
  • And if some of your main customers use EDI and others don't - getting data into your system in the same way is proving difficult...

We can help.

How can OmPrompt help you?

OmPrompt not only has EDI at the core of its solution, it continues to pioneer any format of data-to-data transfer and excels in the order entry, fulfilment, dispatch advice, delivery visibility, performance, monitoring and claims spaces.

How does it solve your problem?

Having an EDI system in place will not only dramatically improve accuracy and reduce errors, it will also free up your customer-facing employees to be able to get on with other value-added tasks.

How EXACTLY does it work, to solve your problem?

The OmPrompt solution can be on-boarded within 5 days. In as little as a working week, you could see our EDI-based solution:

  • reducing the time it takes to process documents,
  • improving visibility within the supply chain, and even
  • allowing you to take action on claims.

For example, a major global wine business realised a

“tangible benefit to customer service by moving to the Perfect Order”, they also saved “612,000 (Euros) total impact across 60,000 orders per year; increasing 98% (order accuracy) to 99.7% accuracy.”

Who’s using EDI with OmPrompt?

Global brands in both FMCG and healthcare are using our solution to work towards process excellence within their supply chains.

What else does OmPrompt do?

EDI is just one way we enable data exchange. OmPrompt is a fully managed service with a completely tailored solution for your business.

What’s the next step?

If you're ready to streamline your processes and either: get an electronic data interchange (EDI) solution in place or, improve your existing solution, book your free consultation and see how you could start improving your supply chain communication today.