Are you Ready to Streamline your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System?

(ERP) Enterprise resource planning is a process by which a company (often a manufacturer) manages and integrates the important parts of its business.
An ERP management information system integrates areas such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, etc.”
Source: Investopedia

Your Enterprise resource planning is probably the central hub for all business data communications and activities. But for global businesses, there can be different versions of the same erp, enterprise resource planning system (or even a different system altogether!). And even if you only run one – it still has to communicate with other systems in other businesses, too.

Do any of these Enterprise Resource Planning challenges sound familiar to you?

  • Our system is not built with user-configurable parameters; changes are slow and require programming
  • Data passes through our company in a segmented, incorrect and time-consuming fashion.
  • We struggle to exchange data with suppliers and customers in a consistent format.
  • We have an outdated version, compared to other regions within our company, which means that data coming out of one ERP cannot be entered into another, without being manually reviewed/transformed.
  • We’ve recently been involved with a merger or acquisition and now have more systems to get talking to each other.

If so, then OmPrompt can help.

How can OmPrompt help you?

OmPrompt not only enables Enterprise Resource Planning integration, it continues to pioneer any format of data-to-data transfer and excels in the order entry, fulfilment, dispatch advice, delivery visibility, performance, monitoring and claims spaces.

What’s your solution and what does it mean for me?

What if all the information that you needed, in order to discover exactly where your goods are at every single point in time, was available at your fingertips... What if you had full visibility of orders and deliveries, when you want it?

With OmPrompt, it's possible. We create a solution that connects systems by transporting your data from one ERP Enterprise Resource Planning system to another (and translating it, when necessary), whenever an event takes place, while ensuring that both systems can read the data correctly.

It could improve your visibility over the communication and data between ERP systems or specific modules within systems.

How does it solve my problem?

As a result, the multiple data types and information silos can be streamlined – so your documents, faxes, phone orders, GRNs, PODs etc. become more than a mass of information – they become a single source of the truth.

Communication errors shouldn’t be, ‘the norm’. With OmPrompt’s fully managed service, we’ll remove the need for any other EDI solution.

How EXACTLY does it work to solve my problem?

This is what OmPrompt does to solve ERP communication challenges:

  • We ensure the data has been validated, by applying business rules.
  • We translate data from any format to any other format, seamlessly.

Together, these data transformations form a solution that is a great alternative to a) spending a lot of money reconfiguring your existing system to fit new processes as they arise or b) training your team to manually adjust to increasingly complex customer demands.

Who’s using it?

Some of the world's top FMCG and healthcare companies are using OmPrompt to help them manage the data flowing in and out of their ERP systems.

In fact, one of our customers, a global dairy company used our solution to improve the data management of their, “delivery claims and audit trail and visibility across all stages of delivery to challenge any disputes”. The result? A reduction in goodwill writes offs by £5.4M pa and a reduction in manual effort by £720k annually.

What else could you do?

If you aren’t ready for a full solution to your ERP problems, we can designed to handle Electronic Data Interchange as well as everything else. Include EDI through us and you will:

  • increase your visibility
  • reduce the need to touch EDI messages (yes, that still happens!)
  • and improve message flow.

What’s the next step?

If you're ready to streamline your processes and connect your enterprise resource planning system book your free consultation to see how you could benefit today.