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Finance & Administration

As the department that’s responsible for billing and payments, finance departments can have the most impact on an organisation’s cash flow. Cross-checking and sending invoices, resolving claims disputes and cash matching are all time-consuming activities that damage DSO. Our automation solutions for Finance are designed to speed up the process of getting paid. Automated document creation, such as invoices and remittance advices, prevent a backlog of paperwork. And automated processing like cross checking claims disputes, helps to prevent invalid claims going through the system. We’re bringing Digitisation and Automation to Finance departments within the Operational Supply Chain.

3 Simple Steps to a Digitised Supply Chain


Data Capture Automation

Automatically capture and digitise any unstructured and structured data from any source in any format, including web portals, spreadsheets, SMS, IM, EDI, PDF, Email and Fax eliminating manual data entry.


Business Process Automation

Automatically apply intelligent business rules to automate the end-to-end business process. Take control and get accurate business documents into any ERP. Collaborate easily with trading partners and share complete and accurate business information in the correct format.


Business Process Monitoring

Automatically monitor the end-to-end business process across your operational supply chain. Go beyond your ERP and use information from outside the enterprise to gain true end-to-end multi-party multi-enterprise process visibility. Identify operational events and manage their resolution.

Typical Documents Automated


Debit Notes

Credit Notes

Remittance Advices

Bank Payments

Debtor Lists

Typical Processes Automated

Remittance Advices

Automate your cash matching process irrespective of the data formats, validation and compliance steps. Automatically capture and use finance documents, including remittance advices, bank statements and invoices to validate and match payments to customers. Get visibility of your cash collection process. Automatically analyse payment data and access insights and see trends.

Invoice Disputes

Automate your invoice dispute process irrespective of the source or format of the dispute data. Automatically capture and process invoice dispute communications and documentation. Automatically index, validate and categorise invoice disputes against other information including, pre shipment, post shipment and customer documentation such as original sales orders, ASN, PODs and GRNs. Get visibility of your invoice dispute process. Automatically analyse invoice dispute data and access insights and trends. 

Claims & Deductions

Automate your claims and deductions process irrespective of the source or format of the claims, deductions and rebate data. Automatically capture and process customer and distributor claims, deductions and rebate documentation. Automatically index, validate and categorise claims and deduction data against customer agreements, sales and invoice information. Get visibility of your process and automatically analyse the data and access insights and see trends.

Typical Events Monitored


Over Due