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Food Industry

OmPrompt and the Food Industry

The food industry is fiercely competitive especially with pressures to drive down price, strip out cost, respond to fluctuations in supply, and react to sudden changes in demand. Where margins can be cut to the bone, inefficiencies and errors within the operational supply chain can wipe out profits in an instant. To address this, major food suppliers are going digital to streamline mission critical processes and improve 'On-Time and In-Full' and 'Perfect Invoice' performance.


How OmPrompt can help

Leading food manufacturers such as: British Sugar, General Mills, Kellogg, Nestlé, Unilever and United Biscuits, are working with OmPrompt to drive proactive and agile operational supply chains.

OmPrompt’s award winning platform is helping food manufacturers realise strategic objectives by enabling them to manage by exception and get on with serving customers better. Non-value-added tasks are eliminated and data from across the multi-enterprise, regardless of format, can be captured and utilised to provide a holistc view of processes and exceptions, in real time, end-to-end.

OmPrompt’s cognitive visibility and control solution proactively monitors multi-enterprise processes in near real time helping teams act faster, with better information to resolve exceptions and deliver a superior customer experience.

Automation solutions for Customer Services, Supply Chain & Logistics and Finance & Administration teams eliminate the need for manual data entry, reduce errors and improve cycle times. They enable leaders to have greater visibility of their team’s workload and to do more with the resources they have today.

The output from OmPrompt was highly accurate and error free, identifying manual data entry errors we didn't even know we had. As a result, we have vastly improved the accuracy of outbound order fulfilment process, increased customer satisfaction and consequently reduced the cost of reverse logistics.

Leading Global Food Manufacturer