Order Fulfillment Gaps

Order Fulfillment Gaps

Many suppliers find themselves relying on delivery information that is 24-48 hours old, supplied from memory and then manually entered into a transport order management system. Delayed delivery information impacts the suppliers’ ability to invoice, rectify unclean loads or resolve claims in time to avoid customer penalties.  A lack of insight into the reason for a carrier’s late arrival, Order Fulfillment gaps, short-shipment or damaged goods leaves the supplier ill equipped to measure carrier performance and robs him of the opportunity to impress the customer with swift remedial action.

Time consuming manual workarounds to fill gaps in visibility include data entry, telephone calls between driver and traffic office, and document retrieval.  All exercised at the expense of superior customer service and transactional excellence.

IT departments are rarely able to provide the level of support needed to on-board logistics service providers (LSPs) quickly and easily which leaves suppliers disadvantaged in their ability to select the most suitable carriers.

Order Fulfillment - How We Do It

OmPrompt’s order-to-cash automation system enables suppliers to automate many different customer management processes and business processes, increasing visibility over the entire order-to-cash process and enabling improved service, reporting and adherence to SLAs.

OmPrompt understands that Order fulfillment is a key part of the customer experience, and can provide you with an effective way to improve this business process. OmPrompt’s Customer Automation Management solution allows you to fulfil orders by automating manual, repetitive tasks.