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OmPrompt and

the household


Enabling household suppliers to meet retailers’ demands

It’s a one-sided relationship in household retail. Suppliers of household goods are often under pressure from the big name retailers who sell the vast majority of household products. Suppliers are expected to cut margins to the bone, and comply with seven-day ordering, just to retain shelf-space within the store. And any order errors, delivery shortages, or pricing discrepancies make it more difficult for the supplier to negotiate favourable terms.

Leading suppliers of household goods are looking to technology to help them compete in this ever more demanding market. Automation technology in particular is accelerating the order-to-cash back office process, whilst almost eliminating order errors. Communication, integration and visibility technology are all helping suppliers optimise their delivery schedules, and track the movement of goods through multi-step, delivery chains.


How OmPrompt supports suppliers of household goods

We provide automation as a managed service, supporting the operational supply chains of global suppliers like Unilever, Kimberly-Clark and SC Johnson. Using our sales automation and visibility solutions, our clients can easily automate their back-office processes, like sales order entry, delivery visibility and invoice creation.

With our help, our clients are able to process their orders much more quickly, and with higher accuracy than before. Automated process and document creation means that each stage of their supply chain moves efficiently to the next, dramatically reducing the time taken to process orders from start to finish. Ultimately, they are able to respond to the demands of the household retail market, while reducing operational costs and improving customer service.

In supply chain real time visibility and transaction processing is absolutely essential. We are achieving the shortest possible turn around time of any transaction.

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