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You know you need to automate. Now you just have to convince the stakeholders. How do you do it?

Build a business case for process automation | OmPrompt

Are you confident that you can build the perfect business case for automation? If not, we can help.

This document will help you: 

  • Understand what motivates the 5 typical gatekeepers - including 'the Guardian of Profit', your Head of IT and your COO
  • Discover how automation can help them win their own battles - and make you a hero in the process.
Read the document, and you'll be able to persuade others that NOW is the time to automate all, or part, of your order-to-cash process.
It includes:
  • True automation success stories, with relevant examples;
  • What the burning issues are that face the key decision-makers
  • How to 'turn the CEO's head' so he or she actually WANTS to automate.

About Omprompt

At OmPrompt, we work with FMCG and Healthcare suppliers who are overwhelmed by high volumes of customer transactions. Our solution, Customer Automation Management, has helped companies reduce manual effort by £720k p/a, save over €500k, and reduce goodwill write-offs by £5m by introducing automation. We can help you too.

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