Despite investment in supply chain technology, many logistics companies still implement manual workarounds to bridge lack of connectivity between their transport offices and subcontractors.

These human interventions, which often take the form of phone calls to drivers, generate unnecessary workload and divert customer service attention from value added activity, such dealing with deliveries that are not on time and in full.  

In a competitive world, they make it hard for logistics companies to see what’s really happening with their deliveries and provide the service that customers expect.

There is a better way. Our intelligent cloud-based approach enables logistics organisations to regain control and offer real-time delivery visibility to their customers as a source of competitive advantage.

The Connected Community: CEVA Freight Management

CEVA Freight Management operates a hybrid connectivity strategy. Their internal team favours supporting high-volume EDI through a limited number of formats and outsources the support of nonstandard formats and protocols to OmPrompt.  This is possible because OmPrompt's Customer Automation Management platform applies intelligent business rules, accelerates exception management and enhances and supports multiple formats.

As a highly flexible resource with a deep understanding of CEVA’s requirements, OmPrompt has delivered benefits to CEVA and its customers through rapid on boarding of numerous non-standard message formats.

In addition, OmPrompt has extended CEVA’s capability to accept customer orders and to invoice in any data, document or image format.