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Invoice Dispute Processing

OmPrompt’s Invoice Dispute Processing Solution captures and presents all the information related to a specific purchase order, allowing suppliers involved in the dispute resolution process to speed it up.


Invoice dispute processing is typically a manual, lengthy process that significantly increases an organisation’s DSO metric. A lack of basic order-related information, plus differences of opinion between you and your supplier, makes resolution difficult to achieve.

Uncovering the reasons why the dispute arose is often difficult, as several factors across the supply chain could contribute, including; price discrepancies, demand changes, damaged goods, late deliveries and shortages. Locating and unpicking this information is crucial to resolving the dispute yet often it is buried or missing.

How OmPrompt helps Invoice Dispute Resolution

Our solution supports the rapid resolution of all disputes. By capturing order information from all segments of your operational supply chain, we present you with a complete picture of what actually happened, and when. Because this basic information is not disputable, discussions around ‘what actually happened’ are over very quickly and your supplier pays the newly agreed outstanding balance.

In addition, the new documentation you need to send to your trading partners is created and sent by the automation system, again saving you time and accelerating the process.


Fewer dispute cases to deal with

This alone improves your DSO. Yet our solution goes further. When combined with our sales order, delivery and claims visibility solutions, you can see discrepancies between goods received and your invoice much earlier in the process – meaning you can pre-empt the problem and avoid a dispute situation altogether.

Make the first step

OmPrompt’s Invoice Dispute Processing Solutions give you the tools you need to find core information, quickly come to an agreement with your customers, and, ultimately, improve your DSO through the reduction in the amount of dispute cases your team has to deal with. Get in touch: