IT Requirements

Your IT department plays a key role when implementing any new software or setting up a new automation service. We understand the importance of working with them to ensure the necessary tasks get done in a timely manner, without impacting on IT's main responsibilities.

We've worked hard to ensure that both OmPrompt, and our data centres are ISO27001 certified, so you know you're in safe and secure hands.

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The Importance of IT

While the business case for automation may be for the business, we know that it really is governed by IT. That’s why we will fully support and guide IT to ensure minimal effort on your part but maximum results for the business.

We understand that 'shadow IT' is not the way to implement a new solution and that all relevant matters should be run past you, to get you onboard as soon as possible.

What Do We Need from IT?

There are 3 key things we need from IT when implementing our solution. Additionally, we will need to configure any appropriate firewall rules, access control list and permissions to allow network connectivity between OmPrompt and your systems.

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We'll need you to setup customer emails/faxes to be redirected to OmPrompt.

Master Data Validation

We will need you to send regular and accurate master data. Find out more here.

Outbound Message Integration.

We’ll need you to configure how our outbound messages will arrive into your system.

How Does Comms Work?

We are experienced working with SOAP, BAPI and other web service applications that enhance the integration for immediate data exchange.

We can get data via email, from behind web portals that require logins, or automate it into applications, including via robotic automation.

Business documents are typically sent to the service by email but they don’t have to be. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about inbound or outbound data streams, OmPrompt supports off-the-shelf connections using FTP and AS protocol families.


Here’s a longer list of support methods (but it’s by no means exhaustive!):

  • Email including TLS, POP, IMAP
  • FTP, SFTP, FTP(S) as host or client

How Do we Integrate with Your Systems?

ERP integration

Our fully bespoke automation solution seamlessly integrates with a wide range of ERP applications. Workflow functions are independent of the ERP, providing flexible integration options, should you need to connect with multiple applications used by different subsidiaries or departments. We can connect as EDI or directly via BAPI.

Reference Data as Batch or Directly

It’s often the case that manual document information isn’t ERP / EDI ready. For example, address data may need to be converted into a numerical code. To achieve this, OmPrompt either needs access to reference data, or be issued with it at suitable time intervals.

As reference data sets can be very large, we would recommend one of two options. Option 1: a cost-effective approach is to use FTP that’s secure. Option 2: for near real-time access which will enhance the functionality of the solution, a direct integration via a BAPI or web service is preferred.

Archive and Audit

Our solution streamlines the process, so all documentation is available in the client’s preferred system of record. Documentation can be made available to a 3rd party or to an in-house facility.

It’s is also useful to put a location link, or other reference, in order to be able to retrieve archived documents from your ERP. This means anyone with access to the ERP also has access to the original documents, in whichever source they were sent.