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OmPrompt and

the logistics


Managing the complexity of global logistics

In an increasingly connected world, global transport of goods is accelerating, with delivery networks becoming increasingly complex. Multi-step transportation via several different logistics providers, from global to local, are making traceability and customer service a challenge. Yet, consumers are demanding a higher level of service from logistics than ever before.

Global Logistics providers are turning to technology to deal with the complexity of global supply chains. Tracking technology, such as telematics, and omnichannel communication are improving visibility and the flow of information between trading and logistics partners involved in multi-step delivery networks spanning several countries. Collecting this information and using it to present an overall picture of delivery status is helping freight companies improve their customer service whilst operating more cost-effectively.


How OmPrompt supports logistics suppliers

We work with Logistics providers worldwide to automate their back-office processes. Our transport order processing and delivery status processing solutions are helping them to track and monitor their complex delivery networks, and keep their customers and transport partners up to date with the status of their deliveries.

With our help, they are automating their proof of delivery process, and creating goods received notes electronically, saving administration costs. We’re connecting their ERP systems directly with the systems of their wider delivery network partners, vastly reducing their transport costs. This increase in efficiency is having a positive effect on customer service, with clients winning contracts based on their fast response times.

By linking their ERP system directly with a pool of regional carriers, OmPrompt’s transport order processing solutions are enabling one of the world’s largest CPG companies to save over £2 million in annual transport costs.