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OmPrompt and

the medical

device industry

Supporting the medical device supply chain

The Medical Device operational supply chain is one of the most difficult to manage, yet the consequences of making a mistake can be life-threatening. Highly specialised, technologically advanced and costly devices, using specially sourced materials, have to be manufactured to order in huge quantities, and then shipped – on time – to every corner of the globe.

Missing a delivery, whether due to a shortage of procured materials, manufacturing issues, or delivery errors, can be catastrophic. Patients suffer, medical organisations look for alternative suppliers, and reputations are damaged. In addition, the medical industry is also one of the most highly regulated, and with good reason. Suppliers must keep traceable records of their supply chain activities to prove compliance.

Global Medical Device suppliers are turning to technology to increase their efficiencies, reduce errors, and demonstrate compliance to their regulators. Within their operational supply chain, they are looking to digitise and automate their back office processes, giving them the agility they need to respond to individual customer requests accurately, and at scale.

How OmPrompt supports suppliers of medical devices

We work with companies like Stryker and Medtronic to automate their operational supplychain back-office processes. Our sales automation solutions are helping them replace manual order entry, document creation and communication with automation. We enable them to communicate electronically with their trading partners, regardless of the method of communication used.

As a result, our clients are making huge savings in order processing costs and are able to deliver superior customer service and improve order accuracy without increasing their headcount or operational costs. This gives them the agility to respond to the demands of the market, enabling them to grow and gain market share.



The commercial savings have been significant – estimated to amount to at least £500k over three years – and our order processing costs are now running at just over one third of the previous cost-per-order.

Global supplier of medical devices