Migration strategies for shared services

Shared service centres are being implemented for customer-facing functions like customer services. Each centre has dedicated resources providing well-defined process or knowledge-based services.

The journey to shared services will be as smooth and efficient as the preparations, planning and tools used to get you there. Each country or regional operation within your organisation will run differently and each will serve customer operations that also run in their own unique way.

The skill is to capture information held in the heads of those who deal locally with your customers and then define and harmonise systems and processes for the global good.

Customer automation management is a managed-for-you service, which automates, harmonises and manages operational diversity in a process of continual improvement.

There is no quicker, more cost-effective or robust way of achieving the transactional excellence that sets the gold standard for customer engagement and superior service delivery.

Customer automation management shared services benefits

  • Manages the operational diversity within customer communities.
  • Manages compliance to legislation, regulation and customer-specific business rules.
  • Increases % of orders that can be processed without human intervention.
  • Frees customer service staff to focus on value creating activities.
  • Enables organisations to think globally and act locally.