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Operational Visibility & Insight

Once all your processes are automated, you can analyse the flow of information to resolve issues before they are serious, obtain a true picture of your supply chain at any one time, and make strategic decisions based on data.

Step 3, Operational Visibility and Insight, is the third and final step of your digitisation journey. With a stable foundation of automated data entry and robust, widespread process automation, you can now use your end-to-end data flow to see how your supply chain fits together, and identify which bits dont work as well as they should.  

In order to do this, youll need a way of viewing the information that makes sense  weve built a product that just does that. Its called Windscreen. 

Welcome to WindScreen


You can find out more about Windscreen here, but in essence, it presents you with a real-time view of your supply chain status, with a focus on preventative action. For example, if a delivery from your warehouse was late leaving, and its now due to arrive after your customer has left for the day, Windscreen will flag this up as a resolvable problem. And it will do so to the person who is responsible for solving the issue.  

You can set priority deliveries and customers within Windscreen
so it prioritises the issues that need to be resolved. And, if the same issue arises week after week, with the same customer or supplier, Windscreen will notice, and it’ll boost the recurring issue up the priority list.
Managing operational supply chains is like completing a jigsaw puzzle
while all the pieces are moving around in mid-air. Automation is your scaffolding that holds everything in place, and Windscreen is your safety net that catches issues before they fall out of your control.

Operational Visibility and Insight might be the final step of your digitisation journey, but in a way its just the beginning.

Only now can you rise above the minutiae of daily activities and get a sense of where to focus your business development projects moving forward.