Automated Order Processing Software

The customer is always right... even when they aren't

Regardless of what your customer requests, in which format they request it - they have control. If they want to send your orders in EDI, fax, PDF, excel or email format, suppliers have had little say in the matter. You've simply had to grin and bear it - and throw more people at the problem to get the data into your ERP.

In fact, we believe that only 30-70% of orders are (still) typically processed without some form of manual intervention.

Historically, order automation was only a pipe dream. But now FMCG, CPG, Medical Device & Pharmaceutical providers now have an alternative to accepting this status quo!

There is an alternative: OmPrompt!

OmPrompt's Customer Automation Management can handle all of your customers' transactions in any format, and your customers won't have to change a thing from their end. The only difference they are likely to notice is that their orders are being processed faster and have fewer errors.

All transactions (such as orders, claims or remittance advice documents) are forwarded to OmPrompt where they're digitally sorted and processed. They're sent for OCR processing, maps and business rules are applied, they're referenced against customer master data and clean, validated orders are then loaded into your ERP (Enterprice Resource Planning) system.

Order Processing Software

Automated Order processing software by OmPrompt takes away the pain of dealing with multiple formats, short lead times, backlogs and customer dissatisfaction. OmPrompt's order processing software will automate the entire order process for you, collecting sale orders from many different channels.

What are the benefits of OmPrompt's Order Management System?

As a result, errors are reduced, the cost of order processing is minimised, and overall business processes downstream are improved. And you have full visibility during the service with our customer portal.

Our Customer Automation Management and order processing software have helped companies reduce manual effort by £720k p/a, save over €500k, and reduce goodwill write-offs by £5m by introducing automation. We can help you too. Contact us now to find out more.