Payments & Remittance Advice

No one needs OmPrompt to point out that reconciliation fax and email payment notifications is a painful task. Because of the different variety of formats and different levels of detail in each remittance advice document, matching payments is not a simple matter!

Thers's a better way to deal with these documents: a Transaction Processing System

However, it's possible to make this reconciliation easy - even seamless.

OmPrompt's Transaction Processing System is here!

OmPrompt can help. We use adaptive multi-format support, intelligent business rules, and accelerated exception management to process your transactions as quickly as possible.

How does our information processing system help you?

Quite simply: our Customer Automation Management solution deals with all types of business transactions by collecting, modifying and retrieving all your transaction data - to ensure that customer goods are received, accounted for, and reconciled accurately - so that you can be paid more promptly!

OmPrompt's transaction processing system can help you achieve process excellence, higher performance, a lean supply chain and full order-to-cash automation - reliably and consistently.