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Retail Industry


Bringing Agility to Retail Suppliers

Within the operational supply chain, big name retailers write the rules. Companies who supply to retail are under pressure to react quickly to demands, reduce their prices, and even make process changes to retain their supply contracts. Driven by a goal to retain profits within an increasingly competitive landscape, retailers expect suppliers to support seven day ordering, complex promotional models, and reduced lead times to help them win the consumer price war.

To remain in the running – and still make a decent profit – retail suppliers are using technology to help them cut costs, meet demand and reduce errors within their own operational supply chains. Digitisation and automation of manual processes helps to speed up basic activities, like order entry and order amendment. Suppliers are analysing data to cross-check order information, bringing potential problems to light to resolve delivery or price issues before they impact the retailer.


How OmPrompt supports suppliers to retail

We work with global FMCG brands, such as Danone Waters, Arla Foods and Nestlé, to automate their supply-chain related back office processes. Our sales order processing, transport order processing and delivery status visibility solutions are helping them respond to the demands of their industry with automation technology.

With our support, they are automating up to 80% of their sales orders, fundamentally changing the way they operate and respond to demands. They are cutting costs from their operations, allowing them to retain profits while under pressure to reduce prices to retailers. End to end visibility is allowing them to achieve OTIF delivery, while our automated delivery visibility solution is helping them to reduce DSO.

Global suppliers are using OmPrompt’s EDIConnect, ZeroTouch,Teach&Learn, SelfServe and Windscreen sales automation products to digitise, automate and monitor their global supply chains.

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