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Sales & Customer Service

Customer service teams within the operational supply chain are on the front line of their organisations. They are responsible for starting the entire process, with order entry, and get the pain when things go wrong – through customer complaints. Our automation solutions for customer service are designed to make life easier for those who work in these departments. Automated order entry and document creation helps your department to work more efficiently, reducing your cost-to-serve and allowing your teams to allocate more of their time to value-add work, such as up selling or process improvements. We’re bringing Digitisation and Automation to Sales and Customer Service Departments within the Operational Supply Chain.

3 Steps to a Digitised Supply Chain


Data Capture Automation

Automatically capture and digitise any unstructured and structured data from any source in any format, including web portals, spreadsheets, SMS, IM, EDI, PDF, Email and Fax eliminating manual data entry


Business Process Automation

Automatically apply intelligent business rules to automate the end-to-end business process. Take control and get accurate business documents into any ERP. Collaborate easily with trading partners and share complete and accurate business information in the correct format.


Business Process Monitoring

Automatically monitor the end-to-end business process across your operational supply chain. Go beyond your ERP and use information from outside the enterprise to gain true end-to-end multi-party multi-enterprise process visibility. Identify operational events and manage their resolution.

Typical Documents Digitised

Sales Orders

Order Amendments


Order Confirmations

Order Status


Price Files


Typical Processes Automated

Sales Orders

Automate your sales order process irrespective of the data formats, validation and compliance steps. Validate order data against master data and related business documents, including customer quotations, forecasts and price files. Apply rules including lead times, minimum order quantities, minimum order values and delivery address determination. Get complete visibility over the sales order process and team utilisation.   

Consignment Orders

Automate your consignment order process irrespective of the data formats, validation and compliance steps. Collaborate with customers and share consignment information in any format. Consignment rules are applied to automate activities including consignment inventory call-offs, generation of consignment orders, change of consignment inventory ownership and inventory returns.

Consumer Complaints

Automate your consumer complaint process irrespective of the data formats, validation and compliance steps. Automatically capture, validate and analyse your customer and end consumer complaint data. Automatically classify complaint data and get insights into consumer behaviour, product and service quality issues.

Typical Events Monitored




Order Changes

Lead Times