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Sales Orders - Eliminate Data Entry

OmPrompt’s Customer Delivery Claims Management Solution enables you to automate your delivery claims process, reducing the time taken to process claims documentation.


Sales order processing teams are under huge pressure to get the orders on the system, which is why customer service departments typically spend up to a third of their time on order entry.

However, the pressure to work through a large pile of orders – especially when some orders are sent by fax, some in spreadsheets, or just emailed across – inevitably leads to order errors within your ERP. Errors that you are only made aware of when your customer calls you to complain.

The more busy your department is with order entry, the more errors are likely to be made, and the more complaints you get – making you even busier.

Of course, when you are in this position, it’s next to impossible to spend time on spend time on beneficial activities such as listening to customers, nurturing customer relationships and selling customers more of what they want.

OmPrompt’s Sales Order Processing Solution can help

Designed to take the pressure off customer service staff, OmPrompt’s sales order processing solution begins with automating order entry. Every order that comes into your department, regardless of format, is automatically entered into your ERP system.

The only time your customer service team needs to get involved is when an order doesn’t look right. Then it’ll be automatically flagged for review. The subsequent improvement in accuracy of the information within your ERP means that further down the line, order fulfilment and OTIF delivery improves, and you get fewer complaints.

Building on automated order-entry, the solution then creates and automatically sends the documentation that you rely on to communicate with your trading partners. This fast information flow drives your sales order process.


More time for value-add (money making) actions

The result of this is that your team now has time to spend on cultivating and deepening relationships with your best customers. And, because OmPrompt’s solution gives you visibility as well as time, you can easily determine who those best customers are, and where to focus your efforts.

Ready to transform your customer service department?

Save time, improve accuracy and focus on bringing value to your customers and your business with OmPrompt’s Sales Order Processing Solutions. For more information, get in touch: