Sentient Supply Chain

For decades, analog order management has been limited by non-connected systems and business silos. But with new AI tools and capabilities, order management doesn’t just get smarter, it becomes sentient!

Sen·tient sup·ply chain

An AI-Driven Order Management that can sense, learn and act in an automated fashion to help companies know more about their customers’ orders than they do.

What is a Sentient Supply Chain?

Tomorrow’s supply chains will be more than just intelligent, they will be sentient: connecting and transforming unstructured data, documents and communications into structured, usable information and insights for real-time management across multiple functions, systems and enterprises.

A sentient supply chain can see and sense not just data but also information relationships that point to the “so what?” insights that make your business work. Sentient supply chains use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to proactively manage order processing, fulfillment and settlement and to provide a more complete view of the entire supply chain than previously possible.

Why Now?

Within the top 3,000 global consumer products manufacturers, millions of order management transactions are still manual… more than 50% of these transactions are still with e-mail, spreadsheets and paper.

Complex processes and diverse data, systems and stakeholders all combine to make order management a challenge, where exceptions are the rule and unstructured data abounds. That’s why 80% of your resources typically go to 20% of your problems.

But now artificial intelligence tools and platforms can connect front and back offices to do things like:

  • Connect disjointed data formats and unstructured data
  • Link data and insights across business functions
  • Accelerate and correct slow, error-prone processes
  • Reduce hidden operations & finance costs (DSO)
  • Improve OTIF performance
  • Identify and address customer dis-satisfaction / retention


“OmPrompt helps us with exceptions based on specific buisness rules – whereas before we always had to manually intervene and it was more labor intensive.”


Customer Logistics Director


Why You?

We help supply chain, customer care and finance leaders to collect, analyze and apply data through automation. Now companies can link business functions to automate with impact, so various stakeholders can know more about customer and supplier transactions than they do.

“OmPrompt’s value depends on where you sit in an organization, but it is widespread across finance, sales, and supply chain.”


76% of executives see “faster order fulfillment times” as a lead customer demand in the future (Accenture, 2017)

Pain Points

  • Rush to digitalization to remain competitive
  • Data integrity and compliance (GDPR)
  • Customer insights, focus and experience

Supply Chain

Only 6% of companies believe they’ve achieved full supply chain visibility (Geodis 2017 Supply Chain Worldwide survey)

Pain Points

  • Manual processing issues of speed and accuracy
  • A lack of visibility and access to required data (particularly from 3rd parties)
  • Poor OTIF performance

Customer Care

80% of customer service time is on non-value added, non-customer facing activities (Accenture)

Pain Points

  • Data gaps (e.g. stock levels)
  • Late or incorrect deliveries and returns
  • Reactive customer issue resolution


58% of CFOs rank redesigning supply chains/operating models at the top of their initiatives (EY, 2016)

Pain Points

  • Poor DSO
  • Excessive working capital requirements
  • Reduced cash flow


66% of businesses believe they must “pick up the pace of digitalization to remain competitive.” (Gartner, 2016)

Pain Points

  • Meeting “digital mandates” with existing systems (and budgets)
  • Making various solutions work with legacy systems
  • Maximizing the value of (and not interfering with) ERP systems