Smart Automation Solutions


EDI Simplified

Reduce cost and deployment times with OmPrompt’s EDI Smart Automation Solutions.

EDIConnect is for companies, global B2B manufacturers, who are dissatisfied with the complexity, cost, maintenance and cumbersome deployment of current on-premise EDI solutions. Businesses are challenged to react to new EDI demands and supply chain innovation.

By utilising one simple and easy connection, all your current and future EDI connections will be fully configured and supported by OmPrompt. Regardless of your trading partners’ electronic standards and technical capabilities, the entire end-to-end EDI process will be managed for you; understanding requirements, configuring maps and communications, testing, ongoing 24/7 run time support, allowing your IT team to focus on other priority value-added projects.

OmPrompt provides all the technical infrastructure and specialised EDI resources.  By taking advantage of OmPrompt’s SaaS delivered solution, this will ensure that both costs and deployment lead-times are dramatically reduced.

Once migrated to OmPrompt, you no longer need to maintain and support your existing on-premise EDI technology, it is a simple future proof EDI solution.

Who Should Use It?

This Smart Automation Solution is ideal for suppliers who are challenged by EDI trading mandates, or looking to get trading partners connected through EDI.

EDIConnect provides a simple, cost effective EDI solution that allows suppliers to meet customer mandates without changing current processes or IT infrastructure.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Quickly connect to crucial customers and trading partners
  • Fully managed EDI
  • Meet customer-imposed EDI mandates
  • Keep your business processes the same
  • Be EDI compliant with all of your customers, small and large
  • Reduce IT resource demands for EDI mandates
  • No need to change your existing IT infrastructure
  • Improve relationships, sales and your bottom line
  • Easy to migrate from your existing EDI solutions and vendors
  • Ability to reduce EDI VAN costs with extended use of direct connections with trading partners

The Process


1. Connect – One ERP Connection to Unlimited Trading Partners

One simple connection to OmPrompt provides unlimited connections to your trading partners. Connect in any format or we can provide standard ERP connectors to all common enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle, Infor and other leading applications.

2. Extract – Supports Any Document, Any Format

OmPrompt supports any business document and any document format. OmPrompt automatically extracts required business data from any document types, structured electronic formats and unstructured manual document formats.

3. Apply Business Rules – Ensuring Data Normalisation

OmPrompt automatically applies business rules and business logic to each message processed through the OmPrompt platform. OmPrompt can transform item codes, location codes, UOMs from and to your own required data standards, which means that you and your trading partners can understand each other’s data. OmPrompt can also apply business logic to correct key data such as delivery lead-times/delivery locations automatically, meaning information can flow freely, without manual intervention.

4. Validate – Ensuring 100% Compliance

Once the data has been extracted and business rules applied, documents are validated against predefined syntax and content validation rules to ensure structure and content compliance. Inbound documents from trading partners are validated to ensure compliance to your back-office ERP application, and outbound documents to trading partners are validated to ensure compliance to their required EDI message standards.

5. Exception Management – Rapid Escalation When Things Go Wrong

When validation or business rules fail, automated exception rules are triggered. Documents failing due to technical issues are escalated to OmPrompt’s support and operations team for review and correction. Any documents failing due to data content issues such as unknown delivery addresses or product codes, are normally self-corrected. Correction usually takes place within the ERP application by using default or agreed document hold indicators.


  • On Demand SaaS Solution – No Software, hardware, infrastructure, technology, maintenance or resources required to run your EDI.
  • Any Document Type – All supply chain documents are supported from orders, ASNs, GRNs, PODs, IODs, Invoices and Credits plus many more.
  • Any Format, Any Language – All structured and unstructured document formats supported; EDI, XML, CSV, PDF, Excel, Word, Email and fax plus many more in any language.
  • Rapid Deployment – OmPrompt offers full trading partner onboarding support services.
  • Low Cost – Take advantage of a SaaS B2B platform with no significant up front expenditure and significantly lower EDI running costs.
  • One to Many Connection Approach – One simple connection to OmPrompt allows any number of trading partner connections to either new or existing
    OmPrompt connected trading partners.
  • Intelligent Solution – Automated business rules, business logic and exception management to ensure compliance and to enhance the data content, striving
    for a true zero touch EDI process.