Smart Automation Solutions


Cognitive Process Automation

Fast start your automation objective with Teach&Learn, by changing nothing.

Teach&Learn gives you the capability to embrace document diversity in your supply chain and easily deliver automation without changing existing processes and without extensive setup.

Utilising three key components; Automated Data Extraction, Optimised Data Entry and Machine Learning, Teach&Learn intelligently extracts data from business documents usually requiring manual data entry, presents them to your team on a data entry portal and through this process, learns how you work.

Who Should Use It?

This Smart Automation Solution is ideal for businesses looking to automate high to low volume, high to low frequency structured and unstructured business documents.

Automation Made Easy:

  • We don’t have to build any maps and nor do you! No specialist skills are required, no programming and no installations. Just start sending your documents to the OmPrompt cloud and our Automated Data Extraction technology will get to work.
  • Use more than just OCR. Specialist automated extraction techniques mean we can achieve the best possible extraction performance for each document – it’s not a one size fits all approach.
  • Harness the power of our SAAS platform. Designed with the Supply Chain in mind, and automatically applies business context to your extracted data, meaning you can scale quickly as your business grows.
  • Go beyond just automating the capture of data. Get the power of OmPrompt’s Business Rules Engine. Intelligent business rules, tailored to suit your specific business and operational needs drive end to end automation so why not harness our capabilities with ease. 


  • Remain in control of processing at all times. Easily tailor Teach&Learn to suit your organisational needs as you go.
  • Manage documents less and do more for your customers. See a huge benefit in time saving the more you use the solution.
  • Out of the box automation guaranteed so you’ll see the benefits of Teach&Learn as soon as you start sending business documents through it.
  • Keep the cost of automating down with rapid deployment.
  • Teach&Learn can handle any document format in any language.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your systems, ensuring all the processing and validation is done BEFORE it hits your ERP system.
  • All you need to do is start sending the documents through.
  • Part of a suite of Smart Automation Solutions enabling you to automate the entire end-to-end supply chain.

How it Works:

1. Automated Data Extraction

Automatic discovery allows us to extract your data using the most appropriate method of data extraction for each document being processed; separate image, data or text extraction techniques are available to ensure the highest possible extraction levels. Extraction takes place automatically through intelligent extraction algorithms using a combination of pattern matching and label identification.

2. Business Rules Engine

Every document we process will pass through the Business Rules Engine to be validated, have business logic applied and exceptions identified.

3. Teach

Once validation and business rules have been applied, the document is sent to the OmPrompt data entry portal for manual review by your team. OmPrompt's optimised data entry portal is a simple and easy to use website application for reviewing and interacting with the extracted data. Through their interactions your teams are teaching the solution about how to process your documents.

4. Learn

Known as matched pair machine learning, by successfully pairing two sets of common data; the extracted data against the changes (or lack of changes) during the teach stage, the self-learning functionality of the solution becomes very powerful. It provides the ability to automatically self-correct and create new or adjust existing extraction configurations without the need for manual intervention. As the solution learns the automation performance increases and the need to intervene manually decreases.