Smart Automation Solutions


Manual Processes Automated

Remove the need to manually touch business documents and achieve the highest possible automation levels.

With ZeroTouch, you can leave the hard work to us. We will manage, configure, and run the solution ensuring you only have to deal with the really important stuff, like looking after your customers and using extra time and resources to maximise revenue opportunities.

The solution mimics and automates other manual administration activities, by using OmPrompt’s comprehensive directory of business rules.

ZeroTouch provides you with the highest level of automation. This solution uses all of OmPrompt’s technology, combined with pre-configured, pre-defined business rules and validation to provide high levels of automation.

ZeroTouch is one of five Smart Automation Solutions OmPrompt offers to enable the facilitation of the digital supply chain. This flexible automation approach ensures your key business objectives are met with the right solution at the right time.

Who Should Use It?

This Smart Automation Solution is ideal for suppliers who are looking to achieve high levels of automation through a hassle free managed service.

If you’re serious in investing in a solution which will allow you to redeploy back-office resources towards more customer facing and revenue focused initiatives, then ZeroTouch is the clear option.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • No user teaching required
  • Rapid ROI, due to customising a pre-configured solution
  • 100% automation
  • Increased governance and accuracy
  • Allows teams to focus entirely on front-office tasks
  • This fully configured solution results in the highest possible level of automation.

The Process


1. Scope – Let’s Define Your Requirements

For this Smart Automation Solution to achieve 100% automation, it's important that OmPrompt is able to fully understand your business. We work with you to recognise core processes locked in the minds of your staff and internal processes to ensure these are replicated during the process of automating supply chain data.

2. Extract – Supports Any Document, Any Format

OmPrompt supports any business document and any document format.  OmPrompt automatically extracts required business data from any document types, structured electronic formats, and unstructured manual document formats.

3. Apply Business Rules – Ensuring Data Normalisation

OmPrompt automatically applies business rules and business logic to each message processed through the OmPrompt platform.  OmPrompt can transform item codes, location codes, UOMs from and to your own required data standards, which means that you and your trading partners can understand each other’s data. OmPrompt can also apply business logic to correct key data such as delivery lead-times/delivery locations automatically, meaning information can flow freely, without manual intervention. 

4. Validate – Ensuring 100% Compliance

Once the data has been extracted and business rules applied, documents are validated against predefined syntax and content validation rules to ensure structure and content compliance. Inbound documents from trading partners are validated to ensure compliance to your back-office ERP applications.

5. Exception Management – Rapid Escalation When Things Go Wrong

When validation or business rules fail, automated exception actions are triggered.  Documents failing due to technical issues are escalated to OmPrompt’s support and operations team for review and correction. Any documents failing due to data content issues such as unknown delivery addresses or product codes, are normally self-corrected. Correction usually takes place within the ERP application by using default or agreed document hold indicators.


  • Fully integrated – Able to integrate with your ERP system.
  • Achieve high levels of automation – We guarantee automation levels aiming for 100% ZeroTouch.
  • Shift focus entirely on front-office tasks – Get valuable resource back to dealing with your most important task in your business, managing your customers.
  • 100% automation – Working closely with your teams and business documents, we can provide you with an automated solution that could mean total automation in your business.
  • Any Document Type – All supply chain documents are supported.
  • Any Format, Any Language – All structured and unstructured document formats supported; EDI, XML, CSV, PDF, Excel, Word, Email and fax plus many more.
  • Any logical, manual, process can be automated – These are customer-specific requirements that are usually locked within the knowledge of your staff.
  • No user teaching required – We build the solution based on your requirements.