Claims Management: Deal More Effectively with Claims for Delivery Discrepancies and Returns

Automated Order Processing System Solutions for Claim Management | OmPrompt

How much do inefficient claims management processes cost your business?

Your customers expect perfection when it comes to fulfilling their orders. Many will be quick to make claims for delivery discrepancies or returns - and expect you to follow their processes. Any failure to follow customer procedures can result in payment delays or write-offs and may be detrimental to commercial relationships.

Managing the issue has typically involved a significant amount of manual intervention, which adds to the pressure during peak periods. 

Without a properly automated order processing system capable of accommodating the customer's specific formats and systems, the costs and consequences can be significant. 

Time for a fresh approach

A growing number of leading brands have turned to OmPrompt Customer Automation Management to dramatically and sustainably improve their handling of consumer complaints. 

The benefits go beyong the automatic reconciliation and management of indicidual claims. OmPrompt Claims Management helps suppliers identify patterns of miscommunication and eliminate them from the order-to-cash process.