Consumer Complaints Management: Deal with Complaints Before they Turn into Problems


Are you able to deal with consumer complaints in a systematic way?

Every consumer packaged goods (CPG) supplier aims for 100% customer satisfaction, but in any complex supply chain there will always be consumer issues that need to be addressed. 

The problem is compounded when the players in a supply chain use incomplete or inconsistent methods to capture complaints. 

Without the ability to capture, diagnose and deal with the underlying causes of consumer complaints the issues will perpetuate, making it critical to identify patterns or process deficiencies that will repeatedly impact customer satisfaction. 

To turn a reactive function into a proactive process requires an integrated method by which to capture, report, resolve and respond to a consumer complaint. 

Time for a fresh approach

A growing number of leading brands have turned to OmPrompt Customer Automation Management & Process Automation to dramatically and sustainably improve their handling of consumer complaints. 

OmPrompt Complaints Management allows every member of the supply chain to take a joined-up approach to capturing, reporting and resolving consumer complaints in a timely fashion.