Delivery Visibility: End-to End Visibility of the True Status of Your Deliveries


Want On-Time-In-Full Delivery Visibility

See what's really happening - no matter how complex your logistics supply chain

Suppliers that employ specialised logistics partners often find it difficult to see what's really happening to their deliveries between the time they leave the despatch bay to the point they arrive at the customer site. 

Without the end-to-end integration of information it's a challenge to understand the true status of a delivery, and difficult to act in a way that will manage customer expectations.

Instead, delivery status enquiries are handled by people reacting to information they must relay to a number of other people in different organisations, with all the opportunity for error and delay that presents. 

Companies that do not have delivery visibility can't often be proactive about solving issues or be consistent in delivering accurate on-time-in-full (OTIF) metrics. The supplier that can get the right information to the right place or person on time has an advantage. 

Time for a fresh approach

A growing number of leading brands have turned to OmPrompt Customer Automation Management to provide accurate on-time-in-full delivery visibility, offering uninterrupted end-to-end visibility and eliminating manual delivery status chasing.