Order Automation: Dealing with Diversity when Processing Customer Orders.

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Achieving Transactional, Process excellence and Superior Customer Service Through Order Automation

Vertical market, language, communications format, even the relationship can make a difference to how customers would like to trade with you; from EDI to fax, suppliers have little choice, either trade the way the customer trades or turn the business away. This operational diversity means automation only extends to 30-70% of inbound orders, the rest require some form of human intervention. 

Suppliers rely on customer service staff to process orders which means it takes longer, opens the door to human error and can cost 9 times more than an automated order to progress. 

Every transaction requiring a manual work around is less efficient, accurate and secure than an order automation solution. 

The hands-on approach, whether in-house or outsourced is a stopgap that doesn't fix the underlying issue and diverts resource away from customer service. 

Time for a fresh approach

A growing number of leading brands have turned to OmPrompt Customer Automation Management to dramatically and sustainably improve their order processing efficiency and accuracy. 

OmPrompt Order Automation enables large companies to solve the old problem of how to automate manual orders to achieve the transactional excellence required to deliver supoerior customer service.