Solutions Overview

Automation is a term that’s used widely and crops up in all kinds of industries – and therefore
means different things to different people. But, at the core, it’s simply a way of using technology to
take care of tasks that are repetitive, logical and foreseeable in nature.

And it’s this technology that is driving what’s possible - especially technology that enables systems
and people who are miles apart, to communicate in real time.

OmPrompt is a managed service provider offering flexible Smart Automation Solutions. We sit
behind the scenes and support you in your day-to-day supply chain activities. We are a constant,
but unobtrusive, presence in your data entry process. Bringing in new ways to automate supply chain business documents and processes to make it easier for spend time on the more fulfilling role of serving your customers and managing your supply chain effectively.

This is what you can expect from all our automation options:

  • Full visibility of your entire supply chain supply chain process. Just because we’re behind
    the scenes doesn’t mean we keep the information hidden. You can check the status of any
    order, any customer, anywhere in the platform.
  • Provide an order entry portal for your customers to use. This makes it easier for your
    customers to send you orders, and helps to reduce errors as the data can be extracted
    directly, rather than go through another process, such as optical recognition. Of course,
    the portal is branded with your corporate identity.
  • Immediate notification of your input is required. Accuracy and efficiency are top of our
    list. So, if we need to clarify anything with you, we’ll tell you straight away. We’ll alert you
    of ‘exceptions’ like missing data, price discrepancies, order discrepancies, quantity or price
    data errors and new product orders.

Learn more about our Smart Automation Solutions: