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Process Automation Solutions by Omprompt

Process Automation Solutions from OmPrompt

For some businesses, the customer management process starts before the first order is placed, with the consignment of call-off stock or VMI. More familiarly, the cycle starts with ordering and passes through fulfilment, delivery, invoicing, payment, dispute management and customer care.

The customer’s requirements must be understood and implemented at each stage. In theory, each step lends itself to process automation but the diversity of order formats and preferences mean that manual workarounds are often necessary, even inherent, introducing the potential for mistakes and delays.

Established business-to-business messaging technologies rely on a diversity of standards, formats and communications protocols that are imposed by customers upon suppliers. Amongst them EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, ANSI, email, PDF, fax, AS/2, FTP and HTTP.

However, not all suppliers, whether they are manufacturers or service providers, are financially or technologically equipped to absorb such diversity. The solution to date has been to fill these gaps with high value customer facing people to supplement shortfalls in technology; compromising customer service and transactional excellence.

Built from the ground up to embrace such diversity OmPrompt’s Customer Automation Management platform automates every format, including EDI Solutions, web-form, fax, email and any attachment.

The combination of adaptive multi-format support, intelligent business rules, and accelerated exception management has resulted in the world’s leading brands choosing OmPrompt for transactional excellence and process automation.